1. f15radar

    Leisure Lift

    I need to redo these on a new dock, but have lost my instructions. Does anyone have some instructions that I can get a copy of? Thanks.
  2. Erik of Montreal

    Best Dock Fenders?

    Ok, I'm officially fed up with dock rash. Before I go out and buy some crappy pair of fenders that don't work, I figured I'd ask what you guys have. The only decent ones I could find were the Kwik Tek HH-P1B Hull Hugr, but buying them in Canada ALWAYS cost more, so were talking 60 bucks for a...
  3. S

    Suggestions on protecting hull from bad dock?

    The lake I go to has metal floating docks with old tires as bumpers. They always leave black marks which I have to scrub off. Last week a gust of wind blew me onto a metal corner of the dock on which the tire had come off. Thankfully it left only surface scratches in the gelcoat which I easily...