1. R

    2022 spark 60hp vs 90hp vs Trixx

    I was planning on buying the 60hp spark, tune it to 110 and put a stage 3 kit on it but the guy at the dealership said the fuel pump, injectors and many other mechanical things around the engine are undersized on the 60hp and won't tune up to 110. I'm pretty sure it's BS. After reviewing part...
  2. DouglasPowersports

    Douglas Powersports of Sarasota

    Hi everybody, I'm Phil from Douglas Powersports of Sarasota. We're located in Sarasota, FL. Just want to say hello to everyone. We sell new and pre-owned SeaDoo watercraft and sportboats. We have a great technician (who happens to be the personal technician for SeaDoo's factory racer Eric...
  3. M

    Lack of power

    I purchased a new 07 180 SE Challenger last May. It has very little initial pulling power. Tried to trade it for a Tahoe standard I/O boat and they would not take Seadoo in trade. To trade up to a 09 dealer wants $17,000, to get the newer engine, 40 HP more. I am pretty sure the HP is not the...