1. D

    2007 rxp 215 cluster

    Recently purchased a used 2007 rxp 215 from marketplace. The cluster is very cracked and not functional. I’m looking to replace it but not trying to pay the $900+ for a new one. The part number on mine is 278002217 and I notice that the 278002270 are quite similar even in connection. Wondering...
  2. ocod

    Not my best day

    Idiot decides to make left and I never saw him as other car on outside lane my blocking view. Walked away with sore ribs and right lef hit dash under steering wheel Worst part was my care had 6m left of being paid off. :cuss:
  3. captcharles

    '06 Utopia 205 beep, beep, beep

    When I turn on the main battery cut off switch I get a small beep from the engine compartment and 3 loud beeps from the dash. Is this normal? This boat is new to me and I have yet to get it in the water. After messing with it a bit I found out it only does that with the DESS key in place. If...
  4. wakefj

    Challenger 180 Dash Modification

    I wanted to replace my 2" Hummingbird depth finder with something that also included a GPS, so I settled on the Raymarine Dragonfly. But where to mount it? After looking at aftermarket mounts, I took the road less traveled and made a new dash. I found some cellular PVC board at Home Depot...
  5. D

    97 Speedster Console Removal

    I am trying to remove the console (dash cover) on my 97 Speedster in order to paint it. The hinge holding it on has a combination of rivets and bolts. Also the the wires for the tachs and speedo run to harnesses inside the console and the harnesses cannot fit through the grommets/holes in...