cyclinder head gasket

  1. Fire3456

    Leakage around on Spark Plug

    I have a single engine (951) 2001 Sportster LE. The engine seems to run fine. After 3 or 4 minutes, I get a leakage around one spark plug. While hooked to a water hose, and at idle, the leakage is gray (oil/water). While running at high speeds, on the river, the leakage is darker...
  2. K

    Changing cylinder head gasket on a 2002 XP - 951 Engine

    During winterization I dropped something through the spark plug hole and had to take off the head cylinder to get it. Does anyone have a link to the bolt tightening pattern as well as how much i should torque them? Also if there are any other helpful tips I should know while doing this it...