1. Davester32

    2004 Seadoo GTX - Corroded pins on connector to computer

    Brought my machine in to have something done. They fixed that, but now they are telling me a new issue 'developed'. They said the connector to the computer has eroded pins. It ran when i brought it in, but I can't fault them if they took the connector off and the pins turned to dust (i'll give...
  2. Z

    Killing Starters - SeaDoo Sportser 1800 1998

    Why Am I Killing Starters ? - SeaDoo Sportser 1800 1998 I have gone through 3 starters. They seem to work fine for a few trips then the starter will totaly fail. After removing it and testing they will not run at all. They are corroded + the starter gear seems to become worn. This has...