1. hawker

    GTi 130 - 2009 don"t start!

    Hi!! I charger my battery and after the charger is full, i start the engine and Works about 30 seconds and turnoff. In next day, when i tray to start, all is normal, pump, panel, beeps, no erros displaying, but when i try to start, nothing occours! Just the pump starts. The fuses and relays...
  2. 3ftDeep

    12 Volt DC Outlet Voltmeter and USB Device Charger for your PWC

    Here we demonstrate the features of a great item we recently discovered for those of you with a 12 volt outlet on your watercraft: a 12 volt, DC charger voltmeter. Great for checking the state of your battery and alternator before going out on the water. You can also use it to charge two USB...
  3. N

    battery problems : (

    The last few years I've been having to buy a new battery every year. its getting ridiculous and I don't know why they keep dying on me. I've had jet skis for years and my brothers do to. None of them have this problem. I used a smart charger to charge them over years, idk if that has anything to...
  4. B

    Battery charger question

    Hi. I'm new to jetboating and this forum so forgive me if this seems like basic knowledge to everyone else. I recently purchased a used 2007 Speedster 150 with 155HP 4Tec. The previous owner installed a nice sound system on it and installed an additional battery to power it. Both batteries...