challanger 1800

  1. D

    SOLD SOLD...1998 Challenger 1800 - Tons of add ons

    SOLD, thanks for looking.....Beautifully kept SeaDoo Challenger 1800 decked full of upgrades. This is an 18' 7 passenger jet boat with dual jets and 220hp. Upgraded stereo with Bluetooth, full snap-in carpet, optional front bow seat which creates a lounge area and is removable bimini top...
  2. J

    2007 seadoo Challenger 180 seaweed issues

    Hello guys, just a general question for those that owns Jet Boats and are or had this issue. looking around, reading different forums and watching all the youtube videos related to this matter, I can not find the solution or may be noone has asked the question and came back to the forum and...
  3. KeredJet95

    Challenger 1800 start button mod

    So I recently picked up a 1999 1800 love it! But I hated the start- stop buttons. After putting in some cool Stainless buttons and them working so well, i though it was time I did a write up...
  4. KeredJet95

    Looking to buy a 1999 Challenger 1800

    Hello SEA-DOO friends' A little background i'm 21 years old living in Cincinnati Ohio. Me and my good friend share 2 SEA-DOO GSX's One RFI and ONE carbureted. So familiar with 787's, as well as working on our PWC's I work for a karting team so Rotax engines are nothing new. As for the...
  5. K

    2005 challanger 180 fuel pump/system question problem

    I recently purchased a 2005 challanger 215 scic i was cleaning it up after my first day out and i noticed with the key off about every 15 seconds i could here the fuel pump kick on for aprox 3 sec. i will continously do it until the battery dies or you turn off the battery switch or pull the...
  6. B

    787 engine cyl chambers filled with oil

    Hello there guys I'm new to the sea doo community , I just acquired an 99 challenger one of the engines gets the cylinders filled or partially filled with oil at least there's oil present on them and i could not get it to turn with spark plugs on obviously hydro lock now it seems that got...
  7. S

    Wtb bimini challanger 1800 2000 model year

    Want to buy Bimini top (Red preferably) for 2000 1800 Challanger. Or if anyone has recommendation on where to custom order a quality unit. I need largest size available. Wife needs to stay out of sun. Thanks.