1. RahulK101

    Cavitation Issue - 2009 Speedster 200 Twin Supercharged

    Hi There, I noticed that when we are applying the throttle, the RPMs are very high (especially on the right engine). However, the speed remains low until the boat eventually planes out and catches itself. Approximately 195 hours on the boat. Supercharger rebuild was done 95 hours ago. 2009...
  2. Jimmihs

    Seadoo Challenger, Cavatation problem? missing top speed

    Hi, I have a Seadoo Challenger 2000 from '03 and as you can see on my many posts it has some issues. This issue has to do with top speed, according the the spec it should reach around 55knot unfurtunetly i can only get it to about 35knot. Could this be a cavatation problem?:rolleyes...