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    95 XP 720 Carburator Tune-up

    Hi, I pulled the motor out of my 95 XP (720) today. I'm changing a piston. What should I do to my carbs while the motor is out? Is there a gasket kit or something worth taking care out right while I have access to the motor? Thanks again for all the helpful advice. Matt:confused:
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    1996 Twin Mikuni Carbs BN38s

    I have a set of BN401-38 carburetors from a 1996 787/800 engine. They have been meticulously cleaned, fully overhauled (all news gaskets, diaphrams, needles, seats, o-rings), and readjusted to factory specs. They are ready to be bolted on. I am asking $200 for the pair. If...