1. S

    Options for aftermarket guards or rub rails for hood

    I have a 96 GTI. Have taken the ski out a few times and rubbed up against the dock a few times when the waves were strong. Was wondering if there are any options for product to spray that would protect or guards to cover the sides of the hood so I can protect the hood of the ski.
  2. O

    2021 Fish Pro likes and dislikes

    I posted a thread of objective problems we've experienced with our new Fish Pro immediately preceding this one. Here are some subjective comments about our ownership experience so far: The Seadoo cover is very nicely designed, high quality and versatile. I was reluctant to buy at its high...
  3. A

    Rivet Size and Part #s for 98 GSX Limited

    Did some searching, high and low places, and either can't confirm it's the right part or the manuals images are too tiny to read. Looking for rivet size on the cable that holds the front storage compartment open. Also rivet size on the front bumper and any suggestions on a temporary solution for...
  4. C

    Seadoo Speedster 150 Bumper 204071739 Speedster 150, Sportster 4-Tec

  5. C

    Seadoo speedster 150 bumper 204071739

  6. brandon32689

    hydroturf question, have you ever...

    i have a 98 seadoo gsx i am in the process of turning all the purple black before summer, i took the hood off and sending it to get painted, ordered new gas cap and oil cab seat and rear grab bar, i am going to order new hydroturf pad, but my question here is the rubber that goes all the way...
  7. D

    95' XP Jet Ski

    I have lost the back corner bumper from the jet ski. It is purple in color. Does anyone know where I ca get a 2nd hand replacement part?
  8. chevyguy

    How to remove trim bumper for access to leaking seam?

    FINALLY found where my leak appears to be coming from. Way in the back right corner of my 93 spx seadoo. Can't see the exact spot from the inside (need to remove the buoyancy foam, but I assume it is from the hull seam (possible winter freeze separation?) How do I remove the trim bumper for...