1. ddarui

    Falha ibr solucionado!

    Seadoo GTX215 2012 Depois de muitas idas ao mecânico, de trocar inúmeras peças e componentes e gastar muito dinheiro para conseguir resolver o problema de falha do IBR sem sucesso, resolvi abrir o motor atuador do sistema e SUCESSO! O motivo: muita sujeira nos eletrodos do motor, fiz apenas...
  2. R

    Spark iBR

    Definitely gonna get myself a Seadoo Spark 900 HO 2up . I can have one in December but it wont have the iBR system otherwise I need to wait till Feb and boy that feels like ages. Is iBR nice to own ? can you retro fit it ?
  3. B

    karavan trailer brakesa

    Hi, I have been looking around for new brakes for my trailer. I have searched the internet and found that there is a kit to change the drum brakes over to disc brakes. So far I have been struggling to find a supplier, does anyone have any recommendations of suppliers and what kit I would...