1. D

    1989 Sea Doo 600 SP vintage NO SPARK

    Hi guys i just did up a nice 89 sea doo 600 sp. I rode it 3 times scince i finished it i love how light and nimble it is compared to my slt780. However i just got it out of storage and it has no spark. Ran fine when i winterized it. So i got my clymer service manual out and opened up the...
  2. J

    R&D Boost box for '12 RXT 260

    I am looking at buying something to remove the stock GPS limiter & I am very familiar with the SCOM from Riva. However, I see R&D has something similar called the Boost Box. R&D says that their Boost Box removes the GPS limiter & it also increases the boost from the stock 7psi up to 10psi...
  3. J

    VTS box

    Hey guys, new to the forum, i have a 96 XP :thumbsup: I've been having problems with my trim. I've tested the switch, works good, both fuses are good at the back (however they're 15A and 20A...) pulled the motor off and it's fully operational in both directions testing off the battery. I believe...