1. sledman1

    4-tec Piston Rod bolts

    Can someone tell me what type of socket to use to remove the bolts that connect the piston rod to the crank? I tried a 12 point 10mm and a torx. both slip on the head of the bolt. Thanks
  2. jster91

    Bolt size needed on rear of jet housing - help...

    :bs:Can anyone tell me the bolt size and length for the four bolts on the rear of the jet housing? They are pretty long and screw in some and then push in farther to again screw in some more. They look about 7" or so long. I can't seem to find them on any parts diagrams that I can access...
  3. S

    2012 SeaDoo Battery Replacement bolts?!?! help!

    Does anyone know the type of bolts that hold the leads on to the battery? I wanted to de-winterize my ski today and I couldn't because I do not know where I put these bolts. I need to know the specification and length so i can go to a hardware store to but new ones. Any Help is Appreciated...
  4. D

    95 XP Exhaust Manifold Bolts

    Has anyone else experienced the bolts coming loose on the manifold? We've just had the jet ski serviced and it goes like a boeing but after about 15 minutes of use the bolts holding the exhuast to the manifold come loose. We've taken it back to the service centre who have used loctite on the...