bog down

  1. SamTheSeaDooMan

    2020 GTI Bogging

    My 2020 GTI 130 has been bogging really bad the 3 times I have taken it out this season. Fuel is fresh and nothing stuck in the impeller. After about 5 minutes of pinning the gas down it worked itself out and got to running perfect, which is what happened the last time. It was the same feeling...
  2. steamintator

    1996 Spx Shuts off at high Rpms, Stuck at low Rpms, But Runs fine at half throttle.

    I had my 96 Spx on the lake last weekend and it was running great for about 20 minutes, no trouble accelerating or maintaining speed at high rpms. I adjusted the trim a few times and it ran great for another 5 or so minutes and then the engine just died completely, no bogging, just off. It'd...
  3. S

    1996 seadoo gti bogging

    Hey everyone I picked up a 1996 seadoo gti, I rebuilt the jet pump, changed plugs, battery, all of the regular maintenance so that I knew when it was done. The ski was running great until about a week ago I was on the water and it was loosing power. I figured the only thing left I didn’t do was...
  4. R

    96 gtx bogs down

    hello, i have a 1996 seadoo gtx and i have been working on it for a while to get it running. i put it in the water the other day, and it will accelerate fine up until about 25 mph and it will then just bog down to idle speed. i already did a rectifier test, and the rectifier is still working...