1. mdchachi

    Some questions about my 2001 Utopia 185

    OK, I just took out my 2001 Utopia 185 for the first time aside from the test drive. Just a handful of random questions: - I can't hear the bilge air blower. Is it really that silent or is it not working? How can I check it? (ie where is it?) - The bilge pump is disconnected from the...
  2. stealthdart

    Need a Bilge blower

    I have bought a Seadoo Speedster 1996 FixerUper. It was in heavy condition. Ive rebuilt one of the engines. The second one works fine. I took out the oil tank. The oil was pouring down right into the cylinder. Imma just mix oil and gas inside the gas tank. Everything works fine. Heres the...