battery problems

  1. rgardner928

    Marine Battery Upgrade

    I have a 97 Seadoo Speedster with the twin 717's. How much can the stators charge? I want to buy a new Marine deep cycle battery to replace the one that's going bad now and not holding a charge. But I dont want to go to big. I don't want to get a battery so big that the stator's can't fully...
  2. cuenta

    seadoo xp 95 battery drain?????

    hi guy I need your help again Whats causing a battery drain within 3 days?? I put a fully charge battery in and it will start every time, the next day the battery is low 11 vol. second day get 10vol. etc.. When the battery starts getting low it will always crank the starter but will not fire.
  3. B

    Sea Doo GTI 155 SE Battery Problem

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and forums in general but I had a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I purchased a 2011 Seadoo GTI 155 SE last year and it ran great! I know very little regarding marine engines so I made sure to read the manual and do the checks the dealer...
  4. elementsk8r3

    98 XP frying battery

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum so i hope i am posting this in the right place. Anyway, I'm looking into buying a 1998 Sea Doo XP that I found online a few days ago. I gave the owner a call and the only problem seems to be that it is constantly frying the battery. He has already went through 2...