1. wlester

    Bimini top repair - HELP!

    Last year I had brought my 2004 SeaDoo 4-TEC in to be winterized for storage. When I stopped by a gas station to fill it up, when I rolled the boat cover back, I noticed that the bimini top leg mount had come out of the aluminum leg. This is the plastic mount that is attached to the boat on the...
  2. robman66

    Installed new grate

    After reading all of the posts about the hydro grate and the damage it can cause, I didn't hesitate on ordering a new grate. I will be boating on Lake St.Clair (between Michigan and Ontario) which is a sand bottom, but can have a bit of seaweed. So I went with the 6-tine aluminum grate. The...
  3. N

    ALUMINUM RAVE CAPS for 787/ 800 Motors

    Machined Aluminum Rave Caps for 787/ 800 motors! Replaces the Threaded Upper part of the Rave Bellow that melts with high exhaust heat made to have a higher heat tolerance than the stock plastic piece $30 for a pair! PM me if interested!