accelerator pump

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    Busted Brass check valve coming out of accelerator pump. Looking for replacement options.

    The other day while I was fixing a fuel leak on my accelerator pump lines the brass nipple on the check valve busted off and I haven’t been able to to find a replacement or a possible solution for this as there are like no part numbers for the accelerator pump. I will attach a picture of what...
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    Accelerator Pump Check Valves

    I am currently rebuilding a BN-40i-38 carburetor for my SeaDoo 2001 GTS 5521. Below I have a picture of the bottom of the accelerator pump. I know for sure one is a check valve and it's working, but I'm not sure if the other one is a check valve. Can someone please confirm?
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    97 GTI Missing Accelerator Pump? - Dies on Acceleration

    My 1997 GTI dies on acceleration off idle unless you nurse the choke to get it off the idle circuit. Once you do it runs great a higher speeds. On acceleration I noticed that there is no fuel squirting down the carb throat where I expected to find an accelerator pump nozzle...but the nozzle was...
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    01 seadoo rx carb question

    I've checked and found out the acc. pump nipples in my carbs are clogged. I've heard everywhere that this is a common problem. Is it true that I can jet my carbs up and bypass the acc. pump issue? thanks mike