98 xp

  1. Tailgate4jc

    Rejetting an 98 XP?

    Ok question for the fourm...I like my XP but just curious to know if I can change the jet impellers to make it faster, more responsive and so on. What does it take? What is there now? Is it the change of the pitch of the blades? Where do you find it? Just sounds like a good winter...
  2. S

    98 XP - what would be a good price?

    I have found a 98 XP for sale. It has an all new engine, prop, and looks to be in good shape. What would be a good price range to be paying for this ski if everything else is ok? I know there are not a lot of details here so I will be calling the seller to ask the standard questions along with...
  3. R

    98 XP Limited Flooded engine

    Hello there please help, I just bought my first seadoo last week, it worked fine for about 2 hours, fell a few times and got on, no problem. The last time I fell I had a VERY hard time, but got on and it would not even turn over then it just tipped over while I was just sitting on it. Well...
  4. L

    98 xp limited no electrical power what so ever

    Hey Ya'll so im having a big problem i got my Sea-Doo from my buddy for cheap cuz i wouldnt start no big deal so i thought but come to find out it wont do anything at all:ack:. It has a brand new battery and all the fuses i know of are still good. So i dont know what to do i want to get it...
  5. D

    98 XP possible electrical problem

    So I had my battery on a trickle charger (the kind that stays connected to the battery full time, you just plug it in to the charger). Since my battery was still connected while it was charging, I put my key in to check the fuel. It beeped for a second then went completely dead. I traded...