96 gtx

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    96 GTX sitting for 6 years, first start up advice?

    I've owned a 96 GTX since new and it currently has about 140 hours. Used it routinely for many years when my kids were younger. Now I have 5 young grandsons that I'd like to use it with. The ski has been parked under a cover and under a carport for about 6 years. I've always turned the...
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    96 GTX still bogging down.. ; (

    Had a slow leak in the engine compartment 5 years ago; A dealers service department claimed it was bad water regulator (on the 2nd service call); They replaced it which led to melting of exhaust hose & engine compartment flooding (I don’t go to that dealer anymore). Not sure what they did...
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    787 Bottom end Rebuild

    I have a 96 gtx with the 787 engine. It ran really great untill the engine seized. I took it to a dealer and they told me that the bottom end needs rebuilt. I guess some bearing in the bottom end went bad. I have some mechanical skills and am wondering if this is a rebuild that I can do or if I...
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    96 GTX over revs at start

    Just bought a 96 GTX. The previous owner said it was bogging down on the water so he replaced the gas lines. I picked it up just after the gas line replacement and now when started the engine revs very high and have to pull lanyard to stop. Carbs were removed to replace lines but nothing was...