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    2008 Supercharger

    I have a 2008 RXP x 255 that I purchased used from a good friend. While he owned it he never had the supercharger rebuild and neither have I. My plan is to get it rebuilt this summer. But, the supercharger has never really worked. Whenever I have the general service done the mechanic will fix it...
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    Speedster 150. 2008 215 HP vs. 2009 255 HP

    Would love some input. Looking at Speedster 150's. Two available options at the moment: An 08 215 hp with 30 hours. In addition to the cover and trailer it would come with a SeaDoo warranty until May 2015. Cost with shipping is $12,500. Alternatively, an 2009 Speedster 150 with the 255...
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    Need Help with 09 RXP's

    Ok, long story short i do not know much about jet skis but here we go. My ol' ladys cousin has two 2009 sea doo RXP 255's. He bought them at the end of last season. Both machines will not start. I dont think he winterized them and being that hes not the most mechanically inclined i fear he...