240 mercury

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    240 Jet Ignition Timing - replaced stator/rectifiers now timing way off

    Hi all, Took my new-to-me Sea Doo Islandia out and had a loss of power on first day of ownership. Thats what I get for towing back kids who broke down I guess. 2 years later Im still chasing the gremlins out of this thing. Heres everything I have done so far. Serial number 0E406240 Compression...
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    2000 islandia using 1 gallon of gas for every mile

    I have a 2000 islandia with a new powerhead from obr (threw a rod thru the block last summer) The new engine has about 12 hours on it, the boat is running great engine wise, pulling kids on tubes and the holeshot is fine. The problem is that the amount of gas i am going thru is WAY out of the...