1. Explorgm

    2013 GTX S 155 Oil Filter Removal!?!

    We have a new to us 2013 GTX with 21 hours on the clock. Have changed out all of the gas, plugs and now doing the oil change. (We did our recently purchased 2006 GTI, with 128 hours, also which was super easy) According to the CanDooPro, the last service was 2019, but hoping that they did an...
  2. 2

    Lost steering on RXP X 260

    Yesterday I was going around a turn and the steering just went loose. No matter which way I turn the wheel it won’t turn. When I turn the wheel, it feels a little lose than before too. What can I do, and is there an easy fix? Model: 2013 RXP X 260
  3. G

    Adding VTS to SeaDoo GTI 130

    Hey Guys, I recently bought a brand new 2013 SeaDoo GTI 130. I haven't taken delivery of the ski yet, but am looking to add a VTS module, and am a bit confused. According to the manufacturer, you can only add a VTS module to model years 2011 and below. However, there is no explanation as to why...
  4. S

    Buying my new 2013 SeaDoo GTR 215

    Ever wondered what it would be like to walk in a SeaDoo Dealership, and buy the one you loved that same day? Well, I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to do it. I decided that I am working 2 jobs and have saved enough money that I deserved something for myself. So about a week ago i...