2007 4 tec

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    2007 gti se missing

    the 4 tec engine runs a little rough. I have drained the fuel, cleaned the tank, changed the two filters, fresh 93 octane, new spark plugs. after the first run, a whole tank full, ive checked the plugs and they looked normal dry with black dust, engine is having a little miss.
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    2007 4Tec GTI No Beep, no start

    Hi. I bought a 2007 4Tec GTI NA. Engine was shot. Rebuilt the engine. All fuses are good. When I put the lanyard in, the display lights up for 3 seconds and disappeared, but the “SEA DOO” text stays on as long as the key/lanyard is plugged in. I checked the power relay, it does click/switch...