2003 gtx sc

  1. N

    2003 Supercharger Question

    I have a 2003 GTX Limited with ~150 hours on it. I am not having a problem, but having read all the problems with the superchargers, I decided to look at mine. I took the inlet hose off and found a small amount of engine oil in the hose and inlet. I measured the slip moment of the clutch at ~5...
  2. Gary13

    SC move good or bad idea?

    First post... I read a lot but don't normally ask ?? usually most have been ask on my older skis and i know this one has also... but here goes.... I have been riding and working on mid 90s skis, I have 94XP, 95XP717 and 96 XP, 95 HX, 95SPI and 95GTX. The forums have been instrumental in...