2001 gti

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    2001 seadoo GTI cooling system lines

    We just fixed an oil leak that we found and stupid me took minimal picture of how the cooling lines went on, if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve tried looking for diagrams for the cooling system but can’t seem to find any that resemble my pwc all the ones I looked at only has...
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    2 Stroke Oil 2001 GTI Please help!

    Would this oil Suffice? for injector oil
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    NEED seat for 2001 Seadoo GTI

    I need a new, or used seat for my 2001 Seadoo GTI 3-seater, model 5523. Any colour, green preferred. Thanks!
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    2001 gti oil injection setup

    can anyone help me ive got a 2001 gti and im having trouble setting up the oil injection pump. I have just rebuilt the engine but i am stuck on how to setup the oil injection pump and the position of the thin metal plate that spins between the pump and the block please help!!thanks