1999 gtx

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    1999 Sea DOO GTX LTD Electrical Issues

    FYI I am a newby with jetskis but Im pretty handy with cars and motorcycles. I just purchased a used 1999 Seadoo GTX LTD from a guy, I got a good deal on it, it needs a little love, but after putting a new battery in when I was buying it from the guy he showed me that it fired up it started and...
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    1999 seadoo gtx

    Hey guys new here just purchased my first jet ski 1999 seadoo gtx as a project I’m a big diy person, I picked this ski up a couple days ago for a great deal and the previous owner said it had some electrical issue but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to deal with it so what’s happening is no beep no...
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    1999 gtx maintenance code

    I just bought a 1999 gtx 3 seater and a light came on with a ! in a triangle any ideas what may have caused this. and it says maint?? it will not go over idle speed now cwthom98@yahoo.com