1997 speedster

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    Purchasing help on used SeaDoo Speedster

    Hey guys, I am debating on making my next boat a 1997 Seadoo Speedster. I've driven boats all my life and want to experience a jet powered boat for the first time. The one I have found is a 1997 Sea Doo Speedster with the twin 85hp engines. The seller says the fuel and oil lines have been...
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    DR.honda or ANYONE! can i put a big bore pston in 1997 sppedster and other side oem

    The cylinder shop said one engine needs to be bored to 82.5mm and the other twin engine to 83.5 to clean up everything. so in this case i need to get weisco big bore 83.5 pistons to fit one engine and the other engine 82.5 pistons. Will this be okay that the twin engines wont have the exact same...
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    1997 speedster compression results. Good or Bad?

    The boat had been sitting for two years and just bought it. with bad gas and oil in it i got 120psi and 125psi on the right engine and then 125 and 125 on the left engine. I really want to get out to the lake and will i be fine with this readings? i read if they arent more then 10percent apart...
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    1997 speedster part help!

    The steering nozzle on the right side of my 1997 speedster is broken. i found a jet pump nozzle for sale that is off a 1996 speedster though. will it fit or are they different? Also on the right side the reverse gate doesnt go down and only the left side works when put in forward and reverse...