1996 xp 787 x4

  1. dbalayti

    1996 xp 787 Starter issue?

    Hey all, First time owner here..I recently purchased a 1996 xp 787 and I’m having issues starting. I’ve attached a video of the solenoid clicking (I believe). I’m assuming I need to rebuild the starter? Once again first time owner so I really appreciate any feedback! Thanks,
  2. JPYxp

    Whats up everyone, newb with 96 xp

    Just bought a 1996 xp with a 787, with trailer for 1350 previous owner rebuilt the carbs replaced grey fuel lines had the exhaust pipe welded in those 2 spots (I am new to all this forgive me for the description) started installing blacktip seat cover So far i have: taken off the handlebar...