1996 spx

  1. S

    1996 seadoo spx 717 cant get top end rpms

    Hey all, I have a 1996 seadoo spx that I picked up off a guy in nom start condition. Replaced the cdi box causing a no spark condition/ replaced the plug wires/caps. Took carbs out and cleaned out the filters/any crud. Replaced all fuel lines with ss clamps. Cleaned out fuel selector valve. 150...
  2. steamintator

    1996 Spx Shuts off at high Rpms, Stuck at low Rpms, But Runs fine at half throttle.

    I had my 96 Spx on the lake last weekend and it was running great for about 20 minutes, no trouble accelerating or maintaining speed at high rpms. I adjusted the trim a few times and it ran great for another 5 or so minutes and then the engine just died completely, no bogging, just off. It'd...
  3. Prof. Sloth

    1996 SPX No Signs Of Life

    Hey guys, I've been working on my 96 SPX but I've exhausted all available YouTube tutorials. It was running great last summer and then one day, mid ride, it just died on me. There's no lights on in the console or any crank sounds. I tested my battery and it's fine so I tested the Starter...
  4. S

    Sea doo spx 96 wont turn over

    my sea doo spx 96 wont turn over, i bought a new battery and new spark plugs but that didnt help the motor is seized and idk why and when i press the start button the jet ski makes a "cha ching" sound like a coin slot machine, but when i put the key on it does make a beep what might be wrong...
  5. Brholwer

    is 53 mph good for a 1996 seadoo spx

    just wondering if that is a good top speed for that ski or not?