1996 speedster

  1. alexander15

    FOR SALE 1996 sea-doo speedster jet boat

    $5500. 1996 seadoo speedster jet boat well maintained. first off it has 257hrs on the ecu engines run time log checked by watercraft direct in costa mesa. this model came with dual 717 rotaxengines. with that your getting 718 cc's getting you 170hp. the upholestry is perfect and new. two new...
  2. C

    Noob with a shoddy bilge pump

    Hey all, first time poster here. I've been looking around, but can't find info on my exact problem. The bilge pump in my 96 Speedster is acting up. At first it wasn't working at all, and immediately blowing any new 3A fuse I installed. I pulled the pump and cleaned it up. Now it spins and...
  3. W

    1996 speedster performance help ( first time owner)

    I just acquired a 1996 for dirt cheap the motors need a good re build i am mainly gonna use it for towing and what not and have heard they are not the best for that. was wondering if there is any thing i can do to boost the power a little all i know about it is it is the 717 with the dual carbs...