1996 sp

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    96 SP cranking without key when connecting battery up. Won’t stop running until battery dies or is disconnected. Help.

    I just bought 2 PWC last week. A 1993 GTX and a 1996 SP. The SP starts to crank the second the battery is connected even without the safety switch pressed in. If I push the start button it will fire right up but then won’t shut off until I disconnect the battery or the battery dies. I also...
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    96 SP 580 starter rebuild

    I ordered the rebuild kit and pulled the starter today. I was surprised to find water in the starter when i tipped it on its side. Seemed very dirty inside, compared to YouTube videos on how to rebuild starters. I began pulling it apart and found two of the magnets were dislodged from the...
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    96 sp seal leaking

    I have a 1989 seadoo sp and my motor mounts went bad . this caused my seal that goes thru the hull to leak due to the mis aligned shaft. how do i replace the seal and what part do i need?