1996 seadoo gtx

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    GTX MAINT screen

    So I bought a GTX that's in really good condition, only has 70 hours on it and I have the MAINT screen on it, is there a way I can find out what I need to maintenance on it or is it just a general maintenance screen saying that I have to check all my stuff?
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    Making Weird Sound When I Turn it over

    Getting frustrated. First ski ran great first month. Then had issues. Cleaned Rav Valves Replaced on on Muffler. Cleaned carbs and changed filters. Just went to start it turned over then makes the same sound as link below. Is it Low Battery starter issue? Something more serious...
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    To Buy or Not to Buy (1996 Seadoo GTX)

    I need some opinions for the pros on seadoo forum. I may be purchasing another ski. I wanted a ski to pull tubes, and it looks like i may be able to get a 1996 Seadoo GTX. It will need some work though. I have a couple pictures of the engine compartment. I would only be paying from 500 -...