1995 gts

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    1995 GTS Engine Turning over, Not Catching

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a '95 GTS which ran fine (apart from a dead battery which was replaced) until I left the ski outside for a day with no cover in the rain. The seat was on, but when I opened the seat the next day, I realized the drain plug had been in and had allowed water to...
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    95 Seadoo GTS & 98 GTI Died on the water but would not start back

    Last weekend I took my new to me 95 Seadoo GTS (580) and 98 Seadoo GTI (720)out on the water for the first time. The GTS ran great for about 10-15 mins, but then just died out of the blue. The motor would turn over but it would not fire up. So in an attempt to "rescue" it we stopped our GTI to...
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    Help!! 1995 gts restoration!!

    Sorry i think i think i posted twice. Sorry its my first time. ok, so i lied. I am not technically a noob. I've been riding seadoos my whole life. However, this is the first time i am actually doing the work and the maintenance myself. So here is the low down! I just bought a 1995 GTS it...