1994 sea-doo gtx

  1. T

    Seadoo gtx 650 1994

    Hi i have a 1994 seadoo gtx, which i have fully rebuilt everything (top and bottom engine rebuild, carb rebuild, new fuel lines new jet pump, new fuel selector ) but the last time i have took it out on the water it bogged down to 1 cylinder, i got back to shore and couldnt start it again. Ive...
  2. Dougsnash

    Some 1994 GTS questions

    Guys, I picked up a 'new to me' 1994 GTS last week which has been sitting since last season. I have been going through the machine trying to get it running reliably. While I think I have most of the gremlins out of the beast, I have a couple of questions I hope someone can shed some light on...
  3. ardy

    1994 GTX – Issue - Need your Thoughts

    Hello All, Long time member, first time posting. I have always been able to get answers from the forum by searching. Very good forum. But this is a first time that I think I know what I need to do but need bit knowledge support in the background. Needed access to manuals (service, parts) and...
  4. C

    1994 GTX alarm - overheating?

    I launched my 1994 GTX today and the second I hit the start button a piercing alarm sounded and wouldn't go away. I tried to run it for a few minutes to see if it would go away and noticed that the temperature indicator on the panel started flickering. I've been using it just about every...