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    Cheap 951 project build

    Why it every single post I place here you MUST respond to telling me I'm wrong? I just want others to know why I'm gone.
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    idle speed screw?

    It's a jet boat, right? For any jet boat using a constant driven impeller, the operator must remain at the helm at all times b/c there is no real neutral, the jet pump is pumping water at all times.
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    Turns over just won’t start

    Remember, this powerhead came from an outboard and there's a lot of support for those still. Mercury has been very good about providing support for sportjet through the years (I've been surprised, but I seem to live in my own world outside this particular forum), not sure the current status but...
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    Charging question

    Sounds like a bad rectifier to me as well.
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    Lucas : Engine oil stop leak !

    Sounds like a Mercury Sportjet? If yes, not a Rotax thus the oiling system isn't the same. The Sportjet has well known oiling system issues and there are solutions.
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    Turns over just won’t start

    Something doesn't make sense, after shutting off while cruising the boat, once restarted, would only idle back to the launch? How about checking fuel rail pressure? One of the big tuner outfits can get you an ECM of whatever flavor you want, I'm sure. This might be the outfit I was referring...
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    Seadoo rxx pump outlet ring sizes?

    My experience with rings is there's not a lot to gain but in a pro race it might be the edge you need for that 1/10 sec. The ring installed on my Berkeley ruined reverse completely so I took it off and behold the only difference was a vastly better reverse. So this Yamahaha, 300+hp?
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    ICS Grates

    River grates of all types are available, depending on your specific requirements.
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    Does oil injection ever fail on the GTX’s?

    It should be an easy task to isolate the leak source, I think?
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    Oil leaking at PTO - 2005 GTX 4-Tec

    If it was mine, I'd use a zip tie in a heartbeat as well. Regardless of whether or not I had a bin full of oetiker clamps.
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    Oil leaking at PTO - 2005 GTX 4-Tec

    I like to call this design "priority oiling".
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    Reading key problem. HELP

    haha, I see your point! :)
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    951 Smoke from pisser

    I Agree the head surface should've been cleaned prior to assembly, there's way too much debris and corrosion for a decent seal.
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    Reading key problem. HELP

    This seems very serious? (kidding! :))