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    Poppy Sea-Doo Boat Cover For Sale $250.00

    Do you still have this cover?
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    Wear ring getting eaten up

    I just wanted to update this about the Stainless wear rings. Do not use stainless in a plastic pump. I believe the pump flexes and rubs the impeller against the wear-ring. I have experienced multiple impellers now with shrunken outside diameters. Anyone want to buy a stainless wear ring?
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    787 Still No Charge after new Rectifier and Stator

    I believe I found part of the problem. The rear ebox had water in it years ago. I pulled the coil wires out and the pins inside were nearly non-existent. I'll replace the coil with a new one. However I believe the pickup could still be at fault. I pulled it out and gave it a clean. Now I do get...
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    787 Still No Charge after new Rectifier and Stator

    -The ground is good. -I've checked the mag plug. It's in great shape with all 6 pins. -I haven't checked the coil resistance, but I tested by swapping in a verified good working coil. Same issue. The stator ohms out good at 0.7ohms on all wires, but I'm reading that you don't even need a...
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    787 Still No Charge after new Rectifier and Stator

    I have a question. Does the stator have anything to do with spark on these 787? I believe it's just for charging. And the battery should be able to create a spark without the Stator or Regulator plugged in right? Should I be replacing the pickup coil?
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    787 Still No Charge after new Rectifier and Stator

    I'm starting to think this is a faulty stator. It ohms out fine. I do get spark now for about 3 seconds, then it starts to fade. Every other part has been swapped.
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    787 Still No Charge after new Rectifier and Stator

    So I just swapped rear ebox. Still no spark. I did have spark for a few seconds. It must be a loose wire somewhere. Does anyone know of common wires that would cause this issue? I've already cleaned and re-secured the ground connection in the rear box. I have tried removing as many variables...
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    787 Still No Charge after new Rectifier and Stator

    I just pulled my other XP out of storage so I could swap and test rectifiers. That fixed the issue! But now the ski I pulled out of storage doesn't get spark. I've checked grounds, ohms, ect. Must be something in the rear ebox since swapping front boxes doesn't make a difference.
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    787 Still No Charge after new Rectifier and Stator

    So I just replaced my rectifier and stator on a 96 XP 787. I still do not get any voltage increase on the battery when running. Any ideas? I'm guessing I may have gotten a bad rectifier. Stator ohms out good. Can I test voltage output directly from the rectifier red wire?
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    Seadoo Wear Ring Sizing Inconsistent!

    So according to the manual tolerance limit is 1mm (.040). The wear ring should be 155.5mm looking online. I'm guessing the impeller should be 155 which would give .25mm clearance all around. So I assume I've lost near 4mm off my impeller (very possible). But I still don't understand the outer...
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    Seadoo Wear Ring Sizing Inconsistent!

    I'm having some real challenges with wear rings recently. None of them seem to be the same size. I have a 04 Sportster. And 2 pumps (Since I'm extremely hard on my pump). One is the stock pump and one is from a 08 GTI 130. Diagrams show they should fit the same wear ring 267000419. In the past...
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    05 Sportster seats

    Good luck. It took me years to find one used replacement seat for my fire damaged sportster. If you still have yours, there is a guy selling a upholstery kit on ebay that look identical to oem.
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    WTB: Seadoo XP 787 Jet Pump

    My friend's jet pump just seized up due to bearing failure. So I am looking for a jet pump that will work on a 787 96 XP. Likely impeller too since it appears to have welded itself on. Anyone know if any 140mm pump will work?
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    ebay selling parting a 4-tec sportster

    I just found a ebay seller parting out a 04 sportster. He sold me my last needed seat cushion for a good deal and I believe he has most parts for the boat.
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    2004 Sportster 4Tec - replacement fuel cap?

    They are pretty universal parts on boats. Just replace the whole assembly.