MPI-3, BUDS 2, DIUS, Mechatronic Licence, Megatech, BRP Power Interface Kit, DESS POST 4 Tec

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BUDS 1 - 2 DIUS MPI-3 BRP diagnostic interface kit for all techniques.
  1. BRP interface - Dius MPI-3 adapter- 1 adapter + cables.
  2. diagnostic cable(for connection of MPI-3 interface to 4-TEC/E-TEC vehicles).
3. BUDS 1 License Megatech - 10 years
4. BUDS 2 License Mechatronic Expert (many languages) - 3 days (test) - 1 pc.
5. indefinite access to our website with a forum and manual to answer all your questions and various downloadable programs.
6. unlimited updates via the website for download.

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Our license gives you a lot of features, and a major boost to the power of your snowmobile, watercraft, quad and other vehicles. !!!

  • BUDS 1 = Megatech software for 1996-2016 models.
License for BUDS 1 Megatech - 10 years - 1 piece - FREE as a gift with MPI-3 kit !!!
Activation is free with the purchase of the kit.

  • BUDS2 = Mechatronic software for 2017-2024 vehicles.
Test license BUDS 2 = Mechatronic expert - 3 days - 1 piece. - Free of charge.

!!! BRP BUDS2 License "Mechatronic Expert" - is an advanced license of the BUDS2 software developers which gives the privileges of "Super User". This license is not available for BRP dealers and distributors.

There are its versions: BUDS2 license Dealer Technician; BUDS2 license All Can-Am Dealers Technician; BUDS2 license All Dealers Technician;BUDS2 license Mechatronic Expert ( AS Developer).

BUDS 2 Mechatronic license can be purchased for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years to 10 years

License "Mechatronic Expert" - is designed for advanced configuration of the electronic units, as well to clear the history and Information of blocks and to recover from incorrect updating.

Using BUDS2 program, license "Mechatronic Expert" you can:

  1. Change the VIN and Model numbers (is useful after ECU replacing/reprogramming);
  2. View stories in hours, rather than percentage;
  3. Enable/disable DESS (start vehicle with any key (except Roadster Spyder));
  4. Change the DESS key type in two clicks (normal, learning, rental);
  5. Change the Total Vehicle Hours (SeaDoo ECU Bosch);- (reseting the total vehicle hours of 4-TEC PWC SeaDoo)-this time will show on the cluster;
  6. View more information blocks;
  7. Edit injector's coefficient for E-TEC Skidoo;
  8. Enable/disable vehicle’s options/modules/sensors;
  9. Increase the power of Spark 60 hp up to 90 hp.;
  10. Advanced settings.

BUDS2 (the license can be activated on 3 computers).

Language in Software:

  • English, Norwegian, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano,Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese

An announcement in Europe:

Buds Dius Mpi 3 Brp interfejs diagnostyczny kit Sea-doo Can-Am quad Atv — Купить в Августове на #1827134


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BRP Power InterfaceKit


DESS 4-tec Interface

Sea-Doo Adapt. Dess Adaptator

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