I have a pile of 96 GTX parts that want a new home

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I have a pile of misc. parts from a 96 GTX I parted out. I want to clean out my garage. I have a full grey electrical box with the main wiring harness and working MPEM, dess post and key. It all works. I did have to steal the holder relay out of it, but that could be replaced or just bypassed. Note the key works but is cracked so it really should be replaced. I have another old dess key that could be programmed to it. I also have at least one pump, a complete core motor that I think has bad crank seals so both pistons have now been blown. The cases are great. I also have an exhaust that has been fully repaired with new welch plugs. I have a working fuel baffle that likely needs a float. Also about 6 carbs that all except on can be rebuilt. A homemade motor alignment kit. A rear electrical box with coils and relay. And also a pile of used steering and other cables. I also have a 96 gsx hood with the gauge cover in pretty decent condition. I am in North Carolina near High Point/Greensboro. Some is easy to ship, other stuff should be picked up. Let me know if this stuff is useful to you and I will make you a deal.