Hesitation just off of idle on 1996 GSX


I have rebuilt about 10 sets of carbs and have not had any issues, this set on my 96 GSX is giving me hesitation just off of idle, wants to bog down. The ski runs great through the rest of the range and has a great throttle response except for this issue. Mikuni kits used, all new lines, selector, and filter seal. Pop-off was checked but it was about 5 months ago and I don't remember what it was but they were very close. Carbs held pressure with no leaks either. High and low adjusters are set to factory specs. What should I change to get this corrected
One thing I would try is actuate your low speed adjuster screw, just bring it out and then reset it and see if that helps. When you did the carb rebuild did you clean out all the ports? There may still be some trash in them? If you can maybe pull out the screw and run some :safe" cleaner through it and make sure it is clear. Was there green ooze in the fuel lines? I would suggest looking at the carb rebuild thread and see if you missed anything.