DFW - PWC Clubs

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We live in the DFW area (Keller to be specific) and just wondered if there are any PWC Clubs in the area? They can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet new friends.
i think you are right....i am a new owner of set of 1995 Seadoo's. I recently looked into it and with all the lakes in the DFW area we have no PWC clubs in the area. So i am thinking of starting one and trying to recruit people to join an do rides...lets get everyones opinion.
Hi y'all I live in Dallas and I have two skis I am in if start a club I also ride with a couple of friends and they would be interested also.
Ha. I just posted on kenkims thread and saw this one. Curtnsharon, you are close to me, I am just north of Saginaw, and plan to spend a lot of time on Eagle Mountain lake this summer. Have you looked into launch fees yet? I am planning on investigating this today. I know rthere is limited free access to most of the DFW area lakes, but moost of the convenient places you have to pay to play. I was by lake Lewisville lsat weekend, and found a place that offers a $50 season pass. I am expecting to find that here too, and am hopeful that I can find a marina that has branches on several lakes and one pass will work. Let me know what y'all know and I'll keep you posted here as to my findings.
Did anything ever come of this? I, too, would like to find a regular riding group in the area. Anybody Doo Texoma?
I'm here till July before I leave. I normally go to Grapevine or Lewisville lake and try to go out often, I also have a few friends who would be interested.
New guy here.......fanning the flames of an old thread in hopes of reviving it.......

I take it there are no PWC/SeaDoo clubs in the DFW metroplex?

And I'm speechless that we've been lumped in with the West Coast......unless it's because most of CA is coming here now!