Dess Post wires are cut

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I just bought a 1996 seado Gti and the ski starts fine without the dess key attached. I checked under the post and the wires are no longer attached and no where to be found. The ski starts and stops properly but when you remove the key nothing happens. Also when I connect the battery that ski tries to start on its own. I haven't open the mpem box yet waiting for fall to do this as I want to change out old grey fuel lines at the same time. What I am wondering if I find the wires can I just reattach them or wire in new ones and it will fix the issue. What I have read is that you can't bypass the dess key but in my case it seems that you can. I still have the phone number of the guy I bought it from so I am going to ask how they did thus.
I wish I could do this with mine. All of a sudden I'm
Having issues with the dess and I replaced it but still not working. Wondering if it's because the wires were cut from the dess post to begin with.