Anyone use an intake grate box?

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So one issue I'm having with my Switch sport is the inlet for the impeller keeps getting plugged up. I had the boat out all day yesterday and I had to use the IFS system to blow out debris 10 times. It's kinda scary when your going 35mph down the river and then the motor gets super loud and you lose all power. Like hitting a wall. Well I then have to shut the motor off and use IFS to blow out the junk that got sucked up inside.

I saw Sea Doo sells a "Anti-Debris Water Intake Grate Box". It does say that "Expect a slight performance reduction". Anyone have any experience with these? How much of a performance hit is it going to be in reality? I got this boat for use in my local river. It's always going to be full of debris so this is going to be a problem if it constantly gets plugged up like this.
I am going to add one to my Challenger 180. I had added one to my GTX years ago and it wasn't horrible. But it was a noticeable top end hit. But much better then having to de-weed the system frequently. I should add that thing will still get pulled up, just not as much without it.