2024 GTI 170 Ride Handling


New Member
Hello all, newbie here, still in break-in time with my second trip with now at 2.3 hours. Riding very conservative here, mostly running around 8 to 10 mph with occasional increases to 20. I have some concern experiencing unexpected movement that feels like I am fishtailing. Rather concerning. Today the water on the lake was mostly smooth, no steering input movement and little throttle to constant. Feels like I'm getting on plane around 18 to 20 mph with the trim up most of the way when this occurred. (First trip out earlier last week, on a river, I felt the same similar movement of a turn with no steering change, as if a swell possibly caused this.)
I brought the trim back to mid point on returning to the ramp where the water was smoother and did not experience the fishtailing. Is this normal? Did I have the trim set too high? My thoughts are to return to the dealer to have them take a look at the steering. Any input is appreciated.