2019 Trixx Bogging Down at Full Throttle

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Hi all,

Just picked up two machines a few weeks ago, 2018 Spark HO 2up & 2019 Spark Trixx HO 3up. The 2018 runs really good without issue. The 2019 Trixx on the other hand bogs/hesitates but only at full throttle.

I've searched the forums and could only find 2-strokes with this problem. Since there aren't any carbs on the newer ones, I'm at a loss. I've replaced the fuel filter and all 3 spark plugs but this did not seem to help any.

Does anyone suppose it could be the throttle lever itself?

Thanks for any and all input!
I have the same exact issue. 2019 Seadoo Trixx 90hp. Full throttle, cruising along max rpm, loses appx 1000-1500 rpm, then comes right back, no check engine light?
Still having this problem. I've also noticed mine overheats and goes into limp mode. Coolant level good. Wondering if the issues are related...

I've got the ski split right now, waiting on temp sensor to come in, should be here tomorrow. Replacing that and thermostat in hopes all these problems go away. I'll post an update after I finish working on it and test it out this weekend.
Awesome. Splitting mine tonight and will be looking for random loose electrical connections/clamps. Mine used to make a loud beep if I held full throttle pinned too long when it bogged down at full throttle. Will update if I find anything. Looking forward to the update.
Just a couple of ideas, do these 4 strokes use an open loop cooling system from the river or whatever body of water? The 2 strokes get the pressure for the cooling system from impeller, These machines are closed loop though?
They are closed loop, with antifreeze.
Right. The antifreeze cools the engine but the water intake cools the exhaust I believe.

When my machine went into limp mode, it complains about high engine temp. So must be something on the coolant side of things. I had someone tell me to check the intake tubes for debris, maybe small rocks are stuck in there, but I think if that were the case then the machine would complain about high exhaust Temps? Idk.

If all else fails we can try checking out our wear rings. Someone hinted towards the possibility that if there is a worn ring around the impeller, this could also cause bogging issues. I might check mine while I'm working on it, might as well I guess.
I can go a while before it bogs at full throttle. Seems to start after hitting a few waves pretty hard. Restarting doesn’t fix it. But seems to “reset itself” each time I go out.
Im skeptical in my case for wear ring, as I am losing rpms. Usually wear ring issues you gain rpms. Good idea just to check anyways. Are you bogging where rpms keep going up but not going faster?
The lake cools the exhaust directly,,,but the lake also cools the antifreeze thru the ride plate.
So… the person before me did a ribbon delete and an aftermarket exhaust. Looking over their work, the hose post throttle body was not connected properly. The bottom of the hose wasn’t seated. Will test it out later and see if it resolves the issue.
Took mine out this past weekend.

My overheating issue is fixed, thankfully. Coincidentally it doesn't seem to bog down as much as it did before but I'm not sure replacing the temp sensor and thermostat had anything to do with that. I think whatever is causing the issue is just intermittent, and does seem to happen only after being a little rough with her like hitting waves and such, as @Sd97gtx experienced.

I've read a lot into it and I hear that bogging issues are usually caused by too lean or too rich o2/fuel levels. So it's got to be something with the fuel and/or pump, or clogged intake maybe? I should've ripped apart the airbox while I had it split but didn't think of it...oh damn is it a pain to split these things!:confused:
Glad you made some progress! I used a boroscope to look in the air box rather than ripping it all apart last time I had the top off. Nothing crazy. But there was some oil post throttle body. Person before me definitely overfilled. It is a pain to get the top off. I know we aren’t supposed to change the gap on the plugs. I checked mine and they were all in spec. Not all are identical. Fuel injectors and ignition coils are my next area of focus. After adding K-100 the Seadoo does not seem as responsive when starting cold. It will start, but struggle and die if I apply throttle before warming up. Hoping that the additive is cleaning stuff out. Also- my ignition coils (specifically the spring looking things on the inside that contact the top of the spark plug) have like a white rough layer over them. Contact cleaner and a q-tip didn’t work so well.