wont start gti newbie

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    2005 Seadoo GTI 2-Stroke issue.

    New to the world of Seadoo’s as I am a new owner of a 2005 Seadoo GTI 2-Stroke that has been sitting outside at a friends house for 4 to 6 years. The only info I was given is that it would not start so they just left it alone. Since I have taken possession of it, I have purchased a new 12v AGM...
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    Trouble Starting, 1 Long Beep when Trying to start or it won't turn over. Please Help

    Hello my new knowledgeable friends, I am new to this form and I could really use some help. I bought a used 1997 Seadoo GTI a couple days ago. It ran great when I tested, but the speedometer and fuel gauge don't work. When got it back home and it was running ok, it would slow down and then...