1. N

    Challenger broken windshield

    Hi, I have 2008 Challenger 180 SE and the building I was using for winter storage collapsed and one of the beams came down across the windshield and smashed the two side windows and bent the frame. Anyone on here have an idea of where to get a replacement windshield, or aftermarket one, or...
  2. U

    Rearview mirror suggestions for challenger with no windshield

    I have a 2005 seadoo challenger with the 215 super charged engine. Recently purchased and having an issue. I often tow tunes and wakeboarders and need to see behind me. I don't have the windshield option but instead have the plastic racing farring type windshield. I also do not have a wake...
  3. Honeoye

    Challenger Glass

    Anyone have the center and starboard windshields for a 2008 Challenger with retractable glass? Possibly someone is parting out a wreck?? Same glass from 2007-2010
  4. S

    98 Speedster - I need a windshield (hood)

    I am looking for the passsenger side windshield hood (front storage compartment cover) as mine is completely cracked off.. I assume there is noway to repair it.. Thks!