weight distribution

  1. G

    2002 islandia speed issues with 1000lbs people

    Hi guys new to the forum got A question for you guys the islandia runs great with around 900lbs (persons). If I add another 200 lbs more it will not get up to speed the rpms will go up 6000+ but it will not go past 15mph. If I take them off boat runs up to around 40mph? ( my guess it’s a weight...
  2. shamski

    Van Versus the Ramp

    OK, picked up my new (new to me anyways) boat on the weekend, and its tow vehicle will be our 2003 Grand Caravan with 3.8L and tow package. Towing my new baby, 2003 Sportster 4Tec, to home and around ... not a problem. Where there was an issue the one day was the ramp. Left a little burning...