wakeboard tower

  1. K

    Wakeboard Tower and Stereo Upgrade 07 Utopia 205 SE

    Finally added an Aerial Assault tower with two wakeboard racks and four Polk db6501 tower speakers to my 2007 Utopia 205 SE. I also upgraded the stereo to the new Clarion M502 head unit which supports Bluetooth audio streaming, and added an MB Quart nau660 6 Channel amp. The tower, speakers...
  2. T-Hooks180

    Wakeboard tower for 2011 challenger 180

    I am looking for a cool looking wakeboard tower for my 2011 challenger 180. i like the looks of the reverse archs like on the boats that come stock, and is it possible to get the stock wakeboard tower and put it on my boat? Does anyone know of any cool looking towers or have any suggestions on...