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    1996 Seadoo GTX Bombardier Won’t Start

    Hi everyone, I have been reading forums here for weeks now trying to figure out this 1996 Seadoo but I’m a little lost where to go from here. It was given to me, it sat for several years outside not used & exposed to the elements but the inside is pretty clean - no mouse nests, water sitting...
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    Impeller binding?

    I just installed a new drive shaft, impeller, carbon seal, drive shaft bumper, drive shaft, support ring , and wear ring.. as well as refurbishing the jet pump with a jet pump repair kit. in my 2007 4tec. I found that the impeller seems hard to turn by hand. And, the engine seems to struggling...
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    717 startING issues.

    I just got a rebuilt 717 from SBT and put it in. It started and I have run it through the break in process, it runs great! However, it was not easy to get it started the starter was very intermittent. It eventually stopped working so I ordered a new starter and put it in. Still no turning...
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    96' XP Beeps but won't turn over

    Hello, I have been visiting the forums for about a year now but this is my first time posting. So the story goes: My ski was running fine when I took it out last, when I took it out today however I get the normal 2 beeps when I connect the key to the DESS post but nothing when I press the...